Section 106 Viability Assessment

As a condition of planning permission, most applicants are required to pay a contribution towards the funding of infrastructure, education and transport in addition to the provision of affordable housing and amenity space in the local area. Section 106 contributions are still the most common way in which this is handled, although since being introduced in the Planning Act 2008, councils can also implement the Community Infrastructure Levy (CiL).

Blackswan has a fair and reasonable approach to dealing with Section 106 negotiations, which enables us to work with range of Private Developer, Local Authority and Housing Association clients. Our primary goal is to ensure that developments are viable and can go ahead as quickly as possible, balanced against the need for fair and reasonable Section 106 contributions. The principal services that we offer are:

  • Economic viability reports
  • Advice and support to determine appropriate levels of Section 106
  • Renegotiation of existing Section 106 agreements
  • Act as an expert witness at appeals

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